Wednesday, May 9, 2012

SAGE is here! Buy the book!

Yes, it has arrived.  It has been quite a journey -- close to three years since I wrote the first poem.  Thanks for your enthusiasm, patience and undying support from all corners. 

You can get the final product by clicking here.  You then have the option of paying online and having it shipped or choose "pick it up from Beth" and email me to find a time to connect for hand-delivery by the poet.  Cash and carry works too!

Just to whet your appetite, here is one more poem selected from the "Summer" section, headed up with Claire Owen's stunning painting on the left.  Sometimes one bit of a found poem (below in italics) was enough to kick off its companion piece.  I send "Saffron' out to Linda Williams, exquisite chef at Ragdale and extrraordinary human being, who nourished me in so many ways while I was writing this book.



The whole essence
is in the number.

“If I tell you…

   …the dream where I am walking through

   rows of crocuses, petals spread saucers,

   each offering three threads, three words.

“If I tell you three times…

  …how thousands fill the basket
  and still they are too light,  but how
  detached, bruised, heavy with scent.

“If I tell you three times, it’s true.”

  …how I search for three to pull
  from the tangle, three to swell with ink,
  three words that are not  I love you.

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