Friday, July 19, 2013

Read my poem in Philadelphia Stories!


A slit made by cutting, esp. with a saw

You might remember this one -- check out my poem in the summer issue of Philadelphia Stories.  You can read it online here and also find out where you can get a print copy if you are in the area.  Yes, it is a real magazine with paper and ink and everything!

Kerf is one of my favorite words -- the space made by a saw as you cut that then disappears when the two pieces of wood fall apart. A word made for this temporary state.

I love great words -- sometimes the way they sound...or what they mean.  Add your favorite to the comment section below - we can have a vocabulary quiz!


  1. I agree, kerf is a great word. I even like the way it looks! I do remember this beautiful poem of yours, and am happy to read it again. I can't say I have a favorite word (it's just too hard to choose), but I always love the way you put words together.

  2. It's a great word and an even greater poem! I don't remember knowing kerf before. The weird thing about vocabulary for me these days - since I hardly ever use it! - is that a word will pop into my head as I'm writing and I'll have to look it up to verify that it really is the appropriate word (and it always has been!) because my memory of it is subconscious rather than conscious. It's very weird!