Sunday, April 5, 2015

RetroLove News and New Poem!

Q:  How do you take 12 minutes of RetroLove poems and turn them into an evening-length show?
A:  Hook up with Philly Jazz Project, add music, stories and more poems to the mix!

Just back from a great residency at the Ragdale Foundation where I had time and space to work on creating the concept and new work for the RetroLove show slated for June 2016 in Philadelphia.  I will be updating you as we go along on this jazzy journey and save July 8 at Fergie's Pub when I take some of the new work out for a spin.

Did you know that songs lyrics are copyrighted but song titles are not?  Here is just one of the new RetroLove poems I wrote while I was away.  Do you remember this one?

you send me

flowers when it’s not my birthday
  and on valentine’s day, a nice ripe peach

mail that isn’t bills
  though everything I.O.U.
  I couldn’t repay even on lay-away

you send me

sympathy when I’m blue
  and kisses, bittersweet

sharp looks when I am unkind to
  someone who deserves better
  which I do sometimes

you send me

secret wishes
  when we blow out the candles

send me
  to places I can’t find alone
  even with a map
  and I wouldn’t want to try

you send me

  for my own good –
  but I always, always
  come back.

Beth Feldman Brandt


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