Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Random Acts of Poetry Day #2!

It's Day 2 of the 5-Day Poetry Challenge and I headed out to the seawall again with today's poem.

swallow the sun
filled, open-mouthed
against the darkness

A few people stopped to read it.  One person asked me if that was also my poem from yesterday, a bit faded but still there. One very fit jogger guy read it out loud as he ran by and said, "Cool."

Today, I am tagging Eugene Skeef, a London-based, South African-born poet, musician and inspiration.  We crossed paths many years ago and reconnected recently.  I am grateful.

Heading into the sunshine.  Filling up for the winter.

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  1. Hopped off FB for a while Beth, so I'll get the week's poems here. Really enjoy the one for today. AV