Thursday, August 6, 2015

Random Acts of Poetry-Day #4

Winding down the 5-Day Poetry Challenge on a cool beach breeze kind of day.

ocean smooths 
the sea bed
palms brush
the sandy sheets

Looks like we might have a rainy day here tomorrow morning so if you haven't checked out this 30-second poetry on the sidewalk walk, that will be your video poem for tomorrow.  No one said it has to be 5 consecutive days of poetry!

And for day #4, I tag my performance mentor and dear friend, Julia Lopez.


  1. Beth, I am loving this series! Read today's poem while in bed. Sandy beach clothes in a pile on the floor. Terrific stuff!
    XO, Melanye

  2. We need you here. Bring your poetic chalk to Peaks Island, Maine.

  3. They are all good, but Day 1 is my hands down favorite.