Monday, January 18, 2010

The Ten Suggestions

In the spirit of Martin Luther King Day and figuring that many of our New Year's resolutions have already gone by the wayside, I thought I would share a poem that seems to provide a different kind of inspiration.

This poem was written in response to a workshop assignment by poet and teacher extraordinaire, A.V. Christie, to write a ten-line poem. After staring at a blank page for a considerable amount of time, I listed everything I could think of that came in 'tens' and landed on The Ten Commandments.

My religious education, such as it was, took place a while ago so I admit to having to google them. And, well, The Ten Commandmants are pretty harsh. So instead, I offer up The Ten Suggestions, some inspirational (and perhaps even attainable) thoughts for the coming year.

Wishing everyone a healthy, warm and creative 2010.

The Ten Suggestions

Let this come first.
What you have can be enough.

Tell the truth if you can.
Take only what is yours to take.

Be steadfast in your love.
Revive what can be saved.

Stop. Rest a bit.
See things for what they are.

Remember who carried you here.
Write their names.

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