Sunday, April 12, 2015

Reading at the Free Library this Saturday!

This coming Saturday, April 18th, is Philly Poetry Day. If you feel like strolling the Parkway, stop by the Free Library Central Branch at 3:30 to hear me and some of my fabulous poetry buddies for a round robin of words:  Alyson Shore Adler, Deidra Greenleaf Allen, Minna Canton Duchovnay, B.E. Kahn and Barbara Russell.

Or join in with a poem of your own.  All are welcome.

Read more about Philly Poetry Day here!

And exciting RetroLove news is in the offing-- stay tuned.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

RetroLove News and New Poem!

Q:  How do you take 12 minutes of RetroLove poems and turn them into an evening-length show?
A:  Hook up with Philly Jazz Project, add music, stories and more poems to the mix!

Just back from a great residency at the Ragdale Foundation where I had time and space to work on creating the concept and new work for the RetroLove show slated for June 2016 in Philadelphia.  I will be updating you as we go along on this jazzy journey and save July 8 at Fergie's Pub when I take some of the new work out for a spin.

Did you know that songs lyrics are copyrighted but song titles are not?  Here is just one of the new RetroLove poems I wrote while I was away.  Do you remember this one?

you send me

flowers when it’s not my birthday
  and on valentine’s day, a nice ripe peach

mail that isn’t bills
  though everything I.O.U.
  I couldn’t repay even on lay-away

you send me

sympathy when I’m blue
  and kisses, bittersweet

sharp looks when I am unkind to
  someone who deserves better
  which I do sometimes

you send me

secret wishes
  when we blow out the candles

send me
  to places I can’t find alone
  even with a map
  and I wouldn’t want to try

you send me

  for my own good –
  but I always, always
  come back.

Beth Feldman Brandt