Sunday, July 10, 2016


Wow!  Two sold-out houses and standing ovations for RetroLove: The Show here in Philadelphia thanks to Philadelphia Jazz Project and my stellar collaborators Monnette Sudler and Joilet Harris.

I have to say that I was more than a tad nervous to make the leap from page to stage but it was so gratifying to feel the audience join us on this RetroLove journey.  Stay tuned for an upcoming video and record (!) thanks to PhillyCAM and Turtle Studios.

In the meantime, if you loved the show or missed the show, you can make your own RetroLove happen by getting the book.   (There is a bonus poem or two that were not in the show.)  RetroLove is about being in that retro moment but also looking back, with kindness, for our younger selves.

If you RetroLove it, you can buy the book here.  Thanks to Greenleaf Poetry Press and Deidra Greenleaf Allen, publisher and designer extraordinaire.

In My Life

I wake up early.
  I used to love to sleep all day,
  now I love the highlighting behind the trees
  and the quiet when even the dog is asleep.
I miss midnight.

I make my tea steeped from loose leaves
  with the last tiny bit of honey
  in the jar from the farmer’s market --
  even when it’s hard, it is still sweet.
I miss dark coffee at midnight.

I listen to the morning news as I
  brush my teeth and sometimes in the mirror
  I look like a different person,
  but not half bad when I smile.

I don’t miss the ‘feed me, get dressed,
  don't forget...I missed the bus.’
I don’t rush out the door like I used to.
  I have more time -- and less.

I wake up early
  so I can curl myself around you
  say wake up, it’s a new day, baby,
  a gift.

(c) Beth Feldman Brandt 2016