Wednesday, December 10, 2014

62 Philly Poets (including me)

Join me for some poetic cheer for the Moonstone Book Launch and holiday fuss this Sunday, December 14th beginning at 1:00 pm at Brandywine Workshop, 728 S. Broad Street.  The book and reading showcase Moonstone's featured poets from the past year and it is a great line-up.  One poem a  poet . I am right in the beginning so don't be late!  The event is free but if you can't come, you can still buy the 2014 Anthology of Featured Poets here.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Not So Dull At All!

I love used books stores.  No surprise there.  But wandering through the Friends of the Free Library bookstore at 20th and the Parkway, I saw this Modern Physics book from the 1920's.  Which of course, I also loved and was ready to snatch up for $3 when I noticed the author was...


A descendant or cousin of the Charles B. Dull for whom I wrote a poem this summer?  Perhaps I will call Laurel Hill cemetery and ask them.

Apparently, physics in the 1920's was not so far off.  If you check Amazon, this book is still in circulation.

What a deal!